CAD-Drawn As-Builts

As-Builts are “as-is” drawings that show existing conditions of a site as they are. Radian Architecture can travel to the project site to measure and draw the existing features. These can include walls, doors, windows, cabinets, restroom plumbing fixtures, stairs, elevators, electrical panels, and electrical/telephone outlets.
As-Builts can be used to produce:

  • Marketing Sheets showing vacant spaces available for lease,
  • Space Plans for designing your space, or
  • Construction Drawings to obtain a permit and construct your project.

Space Plans

Space Plans show the potential design for your site or space. Radian Architecture can produce a design plan based on your project goals and priorities while adhering to current building codes and ADA regulations. A Space Plan can be passed on to contractors in order to obtain preliminary pricing for your project.
A Space Plan typically consists of:

  • a Demo Plan, showing the changes that will be made during construction.
  • a Furniture Plan, showing a potential furniture layout for your new space.
  • Pricing Notes, detailing elements of the design that may require more information.

Construction Drawings

Once a project design is determined, Construction Drawings are produced to show the detailed requirements for the construction of the project in such a way that permit officials and construction personnel can clearly understand what results are desired.

CAD Documentation

Radian Architecture can provide on-going CAD Documentation services. Radian can maintain an on-going record of changes made to your building or site so that you can always have an up-to-date drawing on file. Building and leasing managers typically utilize this service in order to provide them with marketing sheets and to maintain a graphic inventory of vacancies, occupied suites, and floor plans. The Documentation also includes calculating the square footages for each suite and the building total so that every square foot is accounted for.

ADA Evaluation

Radian Architecture can travel to the site to verify the compliance of the site’s features to current ADA regulations. If requested, Radian can provide you with a Space Plan showing the suggested changes needed to bring the site’s features into compliance.


Radian Architecture can provide basic Permit-running services, which include taking the finalized Construction Drawings and the required permit forms for review by the appropriate Permit official. It can be more efficient for the Architect to run the permits because if any changes are required by the Permit official, the revisions can begin right away.

Harris County Fire Code Form

Radian Architecture will fill in the information required on the Harris County Fire Code Form and provide the signature and seal of a licensed architect, as required by Harris County. If your project is in Harris County, this form will be needed to obtain a permit.